EverywhereUGO® is an indoor billboard advertising company, providing turnkey opportunities for Licensees throughout the United States.

  • Indoor billboard advertising products and services provides a means to reach captive audiences with a high quality product in high traffic venues, with targeted demographics.
  • Indoor billboards are designed to suit various venues. Restroom indoor billboards receive consumers’ undivided attention for 30 seconds to 4 full minutes.
  • Registered trademark and established brand usage for Licensees to start an indoor advertising business in their area.
  • Proprietary technology to assist Licensees in running their business. This web based system is highly refined and interactive, providing extremely useful services to not only the Licensee, but also to his clients.
  • Graphic Design and Production services to ensure high quality levels of ad production are available if needed.
  • Sales and Promotional materials which are customized by the Licensee to fit individual market needs.
  • On site training to assist Licensees in developing initial business contacts, both for locating venues to display advertising, and in acquiring advertisers.

Exclusive Licensing

EverywhereUGO has recently approved new locations immediately available for licensing.If your interested in becoming a location that’s not on this list, please contact us.





Can we pick our own locations?
YES – We currently have many diverse locations to offer. You can also designate if you want just men’s or just women’s. We give you the flexibility to run more than one ad at a time because you are buying the boards and could put a different ad in each one if you want.
If I purchase 10 ads per month, do I stay in the same locations for the length of my contract?
YES & NO – We “post” (change out) our ads every other month giving you the option to change locations bi-monthly. We do offer a package allowing you to buy specific boards in specific locations for the length of your contract – ask for details.
What if I want a location that is already filled for the month?
Don’t worry about it – EverywhereUGO® will take care of you. By rotating our ads bi-monthly at some point during your contract that location will be reserved for you. This is why we ask you to pick as many locations as possible.
If I purchase 10 ads or more per month does that mean that I can pick 10 locations with men and women in each or does that mean only 1 ad per location?
When you buy 10 ads per month that means that you will have 10 boards and you can request where you want those boards. You could request that 1 ad or 10 ads be at the same location. Examples: 1 ad in 10 different locations, or 10 ads in 1 location that has multiple restrooms. We are working for you and will try to accommodate your requests whenever we can.
What are my contract options?
Our packages start with a six month obligation. Your six month contract could take a year because you have the option to pick which months work for you, they do not have to be six consecutive months. This works well for seasonal businesses.
Do you advertise anywhere other than in the bathroom?
YES – EverywhereUGO® offers ad placement in high traffic areas, such as above drinking fountains, pay phones, hallways, lobbies, dressing rooms, and elevators. Just ask about the properties that offer the above locations.
Can we produce our own ad?
YES – We accept magazine quality ads. You must e-mail the ad as a PDF file and we will print the ads for you at a competitive price. We pride ourselves in the professional quality we display in our boards.
Can you produce an ad for us?
YES – Our Graphic Artists provide many of our clients with effective and professional looking ads. Initial ad production is $125. Any small changes that are done during your contract are $25 (including name or rate changes, logo update, photo replacement, etc.).
Do you require a deposit?
YES – The first month contracted rate plus initial ad production and copies. The remainder be invoiced to you monthly.
Will I be billed?
YES – We send out invoices the 15th of every month. You can also access our website for confirmations showing the locations you were in that month and also which ad is running at the current time.
Can we use Co-Op money?
YES – We will bill you directly. Copies, demographic data on locations and/or photography is available for a minimal fee.
Do I have a deadline?
YES – The deadline for ad production is the 1st of every month. That means that the ad must be complete and in our office ready for copies to be made. Our “posting” is done the 7th – 10th.
What if you don’t have a location I want to be in?
Tell us and we will try to secure that location for you.
How do you get the ads out?
Sorry, we can’t tell you. It’s a secret.