About EverywhereUGO®

EverywhereUGO® is an avant-garde provider of advertising and community development. Our indoor billboards are featured in restrooms, elevators and other common areas and therefore capture distraction-free attention for longer than any other medium. There are a few simple strategies that greatly separate EverywhereUGO® from any other Advertising Firm: We promise we can specifically target your requested audience more and more every day. Promotions are appropriate for any business and any product, and we would like to assist your business towards a bright future in any way we can. Remember when you advertise with us, you not only help yourself, but the community that helps you, and the clients that haven’t yet found what they’ve been looking.

Symbiotic Partnership

Our business has community as a foundation, not just one customer after another. We produce our product with a focus on your desires and your future. We realize that our growth is based solely on yours. When a business chooses to advertise with EverywhereUGO® they form a symbiotic partnership with us, and their community. We market your product in target businesses, and those same target businesses market their product in yours.
Remember the clientele you already have, consume other products that perhaps our partnerships produce. Because our success is only as good as the companies we promote. We work with you on a personal basis to promote your reputation and potential business and ours as well. Our postings not only promote your business, but the rest of your community does, and the more successful your community is, the more apt they are to associate with your business.

Ability to Target Extremely Specific Demographics

Effective advertisement is a concept few mediums can achieve, and fewer can promise. However, with our clever and vanguard product you can be part of a network that targets any specific demographic or linear sociological movement. We not only have the ability to pin point potential customers with demographics, but we can flawlessly avoid wasted advertising.
For example: If your business was a small town grocery store, we could specifically target your demographic in a local school lobby room female restroom if you choose. Because women 25+, who are most likely to do the family grocery shopping, would most likely be shopping after they picked up their children from school, and would be most likely to have children that attend a school in the community that they live in and shop in.
EverywhereUGO® works with you to find locations that will directly affect your business. Our Team has extensive experience and flexibility that allow you to customize each and every ad if you wish, to your specific target audience. We take each detail into consideration when choosing to post an advertisement in any location. Locations are the most important aspect of our business and its goals. Our goals are fixed to provide you with as many choices/locations as possible. Since our advertisements are posted every 60 days, you can also pin point a specific time of year and location.

Bulletin Construction with Ahead-Of-The-Curve Graphical Approach

Bland and dull advertisements rarely captivate an audience. EverywhereUGO® works with graphic designers who employ innovative concepts that never over-complicate or under-accentuate your business. We consider original graphics a method for focused medium in any circum-ambiance, such as elevators, lobbies, above drinking fountains, soap and towel dispensers, including men’s and ladies restrooms. Our design team works with you to develop an advertisement that meets your needs perfectly, and never posts anything you wouldn’t be proud of. Not only will we custom design an advertisement but you also have the ability to develop different advertisements per location where your billboards are posted. Our acute sense of detail and mechanical precision with each advertisement yields target customers’ attention and time. We maintain all of our postings with personal care for your business and ourselves.

Exponential Advertising Potential

Choosing to advertise with our company is not only a method to develop an initial audience; it’s an investment in your community, your business, and our future ability to serve both. Our customer base has been growing exponentially, allowing your target audience to be that much more specifically targeted. It’s unlikely that once you started advertising with us that you would stop, when customer after customer reminds you of where they saw your advertisement, or after clientele from another business thanked you for promoting their favorite place to eat in your business. By providing affordable advertising from the smallest business to the largest corporation in your community we strengthen every aspect of that community. From an engineering stand point the stronger the weakest component the stronger the whole; and from an economic perspective the more disposable money one person has, the more likely it is for that person to spend it. If you provide a product or service for a certain demographic and they haven’t discovered you yet. Then they’ll be that much more thankful to have seen your advertisement.
For example: One time while changing the billboard ads in a golf course/restaurant we noticed that we had previously posted an ad for another restaurant. We immediately went to the owners to apologize for advertising a restaurant in a restaurant, but the golf course owners quickly reassured us, and related the following: When the golf course owner was in the restroom, he noticed the ad for the other restaurant, and since he had never heard of it, he decided to take his wife to dinner there. Well, they fell in love with the other restaurant, and just before leaving he went to the restroom there and noticed an ad for his golf course/restaurant. The circular result and strategic planning had created a regular customer for both enterprises.

Unrivaled Customer Service Team

Our company is designed more like a family than separate departments. So the person you work with in the beginning is usually the person you communicate with therein after, while getting the benefits and strengths of the rest of our team. We know our clients by name and our clients know us by name because of our constant contact and delicate concern. Each of us works as a team to help better your business and ours in return. We can only succeed when you do, so we consider each client a friend. You never feel like you’re working with a big corporation.

And most importantly the most Affordable Advertising

Our product maintains a price range broader than any other advertising agency. We can work within any budget to promote general awareness, or to specifically target a demographic, and even to promote a high impact campaign. The price range of our advertisements is so broad that it’s suggested to contact us to best find a price. We are very willing to find what works best for you, because it probably works best for us.